British Paramotor Championships 2013

British Paramotor Championships 2013

The British Paramotor Championships is the largest of the UK’s paramotor competitions and this year was held at Hull Aerodrome. Pilots from all around the world come to compete and the winner of the event will be crowned British Open Champion. The organisers say ’the objective is an inclusive and fun event that encourages more pilots to enjoy competitive flying.’

This year HDTWO have proudly been invited to photograph the event and also become an official sponsor.

So what is paramotoring? Well it is the same principle as paragliding but with a motor and propellor strapped to the pilot’s back, meaning they have the flexibility to be foot-launched from virtually any open piece of land. It is one of the latest developments in ultra-light aviation and is fast becoming a popular and competetive sport world-wide.

Photographer Adam Spencer travelled from the HDTWO studio in Huddersfield on a friday evening to Hull Aerodrome, and it was great to drive up to the airfield seeing the pilots up in the air on a calm summer evening. The camera came out before the tent went up and quickly went out in to the field to get some great pictures as the sun dropped down.

The next morning came with a few grey skies but this did not dampen the pilots spirits as they were up at first light and in to the task briefing held in an old aircraft hanger. They were given the next task which the pilots are to complete and are scored on, this will give them a final position at the end of the competition. The tasks involve using the pilots best skills in navigation, precision and fuel economy and will test their abilities against the clock.

The British Paramotoring Championships are used to help choose the British Paramotoring Team to compete internationally so is taken very seriously by the pilots. For more information about the British Team visit

This is not the usual type of project for HDTWO, we are far more used to photographing still-life products and furniture and not adreneline filled paramotor pilots, so this was a new test for our photographer. Adam left his usual medium -format phase one equipment and came fully armed for the job in hand with the Canon 5D Mark III and a bag of lenses from 17mm to 300mm giving him extra width and a tele-photo for getting him close to the action. With shutter speeds and ISO jammed up to avoid movement in the images, positioning was key for the correct angles, it was very hard to move around when the tasks started incase any of the pilots land out and you get in their way. You get one chance to shoot them in the position so quick thinking and a fast trigger finger is required.

It was a busy weekend of flying, camping, BBQ’s, beer and a great atmosphere all round so it didn’t really feel like working at all. HDTWO look forward to being involved in the future competitions and thank everyone who attended, sponsored and flew!

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