New sharp look for The Blades

So the 17/18 football season is underway and let’s be honest, it’s already produced some great moments, goals and controversies.  One team looking to have another stellar season is Championship side Sheffield United. Winners of the old first division, four time FA Cup winners and most recently League One Champions (16/17 season). We were recently tasked with producing the Kit Launch imagery for the 17/18 season, alongside Sheffield United’s marketing partner, Fantastic Media. The shoot took place on location at Sheffield United’s training ground and took a whole team, including stylists and designers.

HDTWO Away – We brought the studio to Sheffield United

Football players are busy people, training sessions in the morning, interviews, community projects the list goes on, so rather than get the players to travel to our studio we brought our studio to them. As a studio we have all the latest high-end photography equipment to do location photography almost anywhere in the country. Sheffield United’s project posed a really good challenge – capturing the players mid-air performing kicks and headers. For that we turned to some really specialist kit, high-speed sync flashes so we could get the players mid-jump and keep them crystal clear and sharp in the photo. Landing onto crash mats to make sure we didn’t break any toes either! Location photography allowed us to maximise our photography time and get the best shots possible. 

Smashing the post (in a good way)

Once the shoot was over it was straight into post-production. We worked closely with the team at Fantastic to ensure they got exactly what they needed from us so the images would look their best. Each player was clipped out (removed from their original background) and dropped onto the iconic ‘steel’ background Fantastic have created for this seasons campaign. The images were then dodged and burned to accentuate the punchy lighting we had created on the day. 

Back of the net Photography 

This project took a lot of organisation, ordering professional crash mats, sourcing new types of photography equipment and working to a tight deadline. The ground work meant the shoot went without a hitch on the the day. It’s been a real pleasure to produce the images alongside Fantastic Media and to see all the positive feedback from both the Club and supporters on social Media. 


To see more images from the campaign along with a behind the scenes video from the day of the shoot visit our Sheffield United case study.