Emily’s Work Experience at HDTWO

Emily’s Work Experience at HDTWO

At HDTWO we want to give students the chance to learn how the photography industry works and what better way than to come in to the studio and spend a week on work experience.

Last week we had Emily Ginley from Huddersfield New College joining Paul and Adam at HDTWO. Emily is our first work experience student at HDTWO and we had a great week showing her what commercial photography is all about.

Here is what Emily thought of her week with us….

“Work experience at HDTWO has been great, as it has given me a good insight into the work that goes into creating product images. I’ve been using the lights and cameras to create images and learnt a lot about how to use them better. I also learnt more about how to use the settings on my camera to make my images better when doing commercial photography.

Adam and Paul have been very kind and welcoming and made me feel like part of the team. They let me use all the equipment and made me feel safe during the placement. They work hard and have a very positive attitude towards their work. They work well together but also included me into everything that they did; this made me feel useful as well as making the work very enjoyable and fun.

During the work experience every day was different. I did work in the studio by using the equipment to create unique images of products for the different styles of images that each company wanted. I then used Adobe Photoshop to adjust them. I also went on a location shoot taking photos of Huddersfield Giants’ players playing golf, which were used as part of a blog.

Altogether my week has been very enjoyable as well as useful as I have learnt a lot about commercial photography and the work that’s done to create high quality images”.

We hope Emily had a great time with us and learn’t a lot about a working commercial photography studio. Emily was a great student and always willing to help out the photographers and she will be an asset to any future employer.

HDTWO hope to help students by offering work experience in the future, we need to give them the opportunities to learn as these budding young photographers will be the future of our industry.