HDTWWWO – Gain more insight with our new website!

Welcome to the HDTWO blog – don’t worry we won’t bore you with daily blogs just for the sake of it – we’re far too busy being photographers. However, if we come across something we think is worth sharing or that we have a strong opinion on we’ll write about it. So here goes, here’s the first ‘something’ we want to share with you – the launch of our new and improved website. Just as any progressive, commercially aware company should do, we’ve created a website that’s mobile friendly and responsive – so it’s easy to use whatever device you are using –  from a smartphone to iPhone to iPad or laptop. Take a look and you’ll find new images and case studies. The new website certainly gives a better insight into what makes us different with more information about the team and our amazing studio facilities – which has recently grown by the way – not sure of the exact measurements just yet because we’ve not quite finished building mezzanines. But, it’s certainly big enough to have several large room-sets on the go all at the same time and it comes with an additional HGV drive-in access bay.

So, feel free to have a look around our new website and if you’d like to have a look around our bigger and better studio just get in touch – we’d love to give you a guided tour.