HDTWO is now TWO times the size

If you haven’t heard already our studio here in Huddersfield has doubled in size recently with the acquisition of our neighbouring unit, giving us an overall area of over 8,000 sq ft.

We’ve knocked through, redesigned and reconfigured both units to create a second studio which will mainly be used for furniture photography. With much more space for clients’ products and areas for preparation we can now build bigger room-sets.

Bigger space, better organised

The extra space has enabled us to better organise our growing selection of walls, windows and flooring making everything much more accessible. Our new studio also has its very own drive-in access (Larger room-sets means larger deliveries of course!). A second mezzanine level has also become a further space for our ever-expanding prop collection.

A studio within a studio

We have created a dedicated studio within the new area for ‘invisible mannequin’ clothing photography – also known as ‘ghost mannequin ’which has been a growing area for us over the last few years, with many new clients on board from sports apparel manufacturers to bespoke suit makers.

With this new dedicated area, we’ve reduced our set-up times, ensuring we can meet the tightest of deadlines and be more cost-effective for our clients.

Already proving to be a worthwhile investment

This extra facility now gives us amazing flexibility to accommodate all your needs with ease – we can have several large room-sets on the go and still have plenty of space left for other projects – whether we’re shooting furniture on our infinity curve or gourmet food that’s been freshly prepared in our in-house kitchen.

And, of course the studio is all ours, so we can configure it exactly how we need it to provide the shots our clients want.

Our bigger and better studio facility has certainly been a worthwhile investment and it’s a good job more parking spaces came with the new unit because our client list continues to grow too.