Love Moissanite – Jewellery Photography

Love Moissanite – Jewellery Photography

Love Moissanite are the UK’s only online moissanite specialists and are official Charles and Colvard retailers, their moissanite rings are truly spectacular. The rings have an extraordinary jewel that has more fire, brilliance and luster than any other gem on earth and it became HDTWO’s challenge to photograph them and make them look as stunning in a photograph.

Andrew & Jenny of Love Moissanite contacted HDTWO a few months back after finding us through a google search, they were looking for a local photography studio who have the expertise and experience in photographing jewellery, in particular ring photography. Based in South Elmsall, Wakefield it was not far to travel to the HDTWO studio in Huddersfield.

Andrew & Jenny felt that the images they receive from their supplier were not doing their rings justice and they strongly believed that with better quality imagery on their website they can increase the number of sales.

After discussing Love Moissanite’s requirements, we decided to offer them a free test shoot. It is a great way for our photographer Adam Spencer to show off HDTWO’s studio facilities and equipment. During the test shoot we photographed various angles and tried different lighting techniques to help show the moissanite gem at its very best, photographing directly on to screen for them to view. It was decided that three angles would be sufficent for the website and this would be repeated for all of their top sellers in white and yellow gold. At HDTWO we like to tailor our photography costs to suit the client, after the test shoot we had a good understanding of exactly what Love Moissanite’s photography requirements were and could price this according per product, giving them a fixed cost including all retouching.

Ring Photography can be very complicated due to the small size of the product and the highly polished finish. Lighting the ring and jewel to make it look its very best. We used our Phase One p65 digital camera and Elinchrom lighting to produce the stunning images. Of course no matter how beautifully made the rings are, and you can clean and polish them before shooting, there is always a lot of high-end retouching to do in post-production. A lot of time in photographing jewellery is spent afterwards on the computer in the Adobe Photoshop software, airbrushing the band of the ring and spot removal of any dust or marks on the jewel.

Andrew & Jenny of Love Moissanite could leave us to all this because our photographer Adam had a great understanding of what they wanted after spending time with them on the test shoot. Andrew came back to pick up all his jewellery and we spent some time going through each image on our colour calibrated screens to make sure he was 100% happy with each and every one.

The images look stunning and show the rings in the very best light, they will look amazing on the Love Moissanite website. We look forward to receiving feedback from Andrew on how it has effected sales on their site.

Please feel free to pop over and take a look at more jewellery photography in our portfolio or get in contact to see what we can do.

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