Photographers, stylists, set builders and retouchers.

We’ve all the skills needed to make your image perfect.

At HDTWO the people you discuss your requirements with are the people who will be creating your photography – we know it’s the only way to ensure you get the content you need. No matter how good the equipment and facilities, the ability to provide the very best service and stunning content, time and time again is down to the experience and expertise of the people.  As founding directors of HDTWO Paul Goddard and Adam Spencer have been in business together since 2013 but have worked together in leading commercial photography studios since 2003. Paul and Adam have developed a deep understanding and consistency offering both converse and complementary skills and disciplines. In the recent years the team has grown into a well-rounded group of creatives. 



Paul is HDTWO’s lighting guru with over 30 years experience in the game. His vast knowledge allows him to create the perfect lighting for every shoot. As well as being a stickler for fine detail. His skills and eye for detail means he can shoot anything from food to furniture.

Paul Goddard Photography Headshot
Adam Spencer Headshot Photography website

Adam Spencer

Adam is the gaffer tape that holds HDTWO together through his meticulous planning. With a love of people Adam excels working with the client on a shoot from concept creation to post-production, with over a decade of experience under his belt, he can take exactly what’s in your mind and make it a reality.


Sammie is versatile in all forms of content creation with a natural flair for set design and styling. A confident photographer and videographer who can tackle any task……& loves shooting Christmas sets. 

Sammie Rowan Photography Headshot
Leon Marshall Photography Headshot

Leon Marshall

Leon the friendly face that welcomes you into HDTWO. The studio is always in ‘tip top’ shape when Leon is around. With over 30 years of experience, Leon can adapt easily and bring any photoshoot to life.

Liam Byrne

The film-maker and fashion photographer of the group. With international experience working with a variety of clients, Liam is well adept to either large scale projects or boutique ideas.

Dominic Denison Headshot photography


Consummate professional in both video and photo. Newly qualified drone pilot to ensure your video project has an epic feel. A skilled photographer with speciality in location and PR photography. 

Janene Spencer

The essential cog in the machine; Janene ensures that HDTWO and running smoothly behind the scenes. Skilled in all finance, accounting and bookkeeping.


We are competent set builders with plenty of experience but sometimes we need a little help if timings are tight or specialist work is required – so, we have great relationships with specialist photographic set builders, from joiners and decorators to kitchen fitters, plumbers and electricians, as well as scenic artists. Whatever your shoot needs, we can take care of it. We know where to source the best props and materials to create just about anything, from tiling a bathroom to panelling a wall. We have a modular set build system along with a selection of prebuilt windows, walls and floorcoverings which keeps costs down and also saves time.


We know that the images you need must appeal to the right audience, they have to represent the aspirations of your potential customer. Achieving the right look and feel is crucial so we always ask questions, that way we can understand your target market. We can then match your needs to the right roomset stylist, lifestyle stylist, hair & make-up artist or, home economist if we are shooting food photography. Our freelance stylists can source props, accessories and anything else needed for those finishing touches – if we don’t already have something in our prop stores our stylists know where to find the perfect items externally.


We have the technology and skills to handle most post-production and high-end retouching ourselves, but we have freelancers we can call upon should deadlines demand it or specialist retouching be needed. Changing the colour of products isn’t a problem either and we also offer an image clipping path service, digitally cutting out your products and supplying them in a photograph on any background you wish.