Melissa’s Work Experience at HDTWO

Melissa’s Work Experience at HDTWO

Our second work experience student joined the team at HDTWO’s studio last week, Melissa Lunn is a former Honley High School pupil and is currently on her summer holiday before starting The Creative and Media Studio School in Huddersfield. Melissa was the first to contact us here for work experience after reading our article in the Huddersfield Examiner shortly after we started trading in January.

We had a busy week ahead with location photography on the Monday at local charity Kirkwood Hospice, HDTWO were asked to photograph all their new facilities with some amazing interiors photography. Tuesday and Wednesday was a long two day furniture photography shoot followed by a two day catalogue photography shoot which entailed a mixture of food photography and product photography. So as you can imagine we had a hectic week in store for Melissa.

We asked Melissa to write about her experience with us, this is what she said…..

“During my work experience at HDTWO I have learned a lot about both photography and lighting techniques. Paul and Adam have been very kind and have made me feel comfortable while at the same time being professional and hard working. and on Monday I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, how to use the lighting correctly, or how to make each shot look professional and get across the feel I wanted. Luckily for me Adam and Paul welcomed me in and were patient in explaining how to set up the lights and change the intensity of them.

Throughout the week I have learned a lot about commercial photography, and by assisting setting up for shots I was able to see first hand how just the slightest movement could completely change a shot, and the slightest crease could ruin the appearance of a fabric.  I also have been able to experience what I want to do with my future, whether or not I choose commercial photography or a different field of photography is the next thing I need to work out, for me personally I believe that commercial photography could be a good field for me as I am not the type of person to be bossy and in commercial photography you are mostly working with a product rather than people. However this week has helped me to come out of my shell and realise that if I want to be successful in photography then I need to come out of my shell completely. I have really enjoyed my week here, and am happy that I got this opportunity”.

We really hope Melissa had a great time with us and that she learn’t a lot about the specialist area of commercial photography and what day to day life of working in a professional photography studio environment is like.

All the best to Melissa in the future! From everyone here at HDTWO!