Olivia’s Work Experience at HDTWO

Olivia’s Work Experience at HDTWO

For the past two weeks we have welcomed Olivia Child from Honley High School in Huddersfield into the HDTWO studio and she has been working alongside Paul & Adam on their latest photography projects. It has been a busy couple of weeks in and out of the studio shooting a variety of work from furniture to food but Olivia has been an asset to the team helping set up equipment and organising products ready to be photographed. “It is nice to show a young, enthusiastic student how a commercial photography studio works and help advance their photographic skills, it is important to invest in the next generation of photographers” says Adam Spencer (Photographer/Director at HDTWO).

We hope Olivia has enjoyed her time with us and we asked her to let us know what she thought…

“During my two weeks at hdtwo I have learnt many things such as how to create the correct lighting and about the camera functions, I have learnt many life skills that I can take away with me and use in other aspects of my education.

I did a variety of tasks ranging from product/catalogue photography to location photography, I was taught how to communicate with clients and how to change things through the camera in order for the client to be completely satisfied with the outcome of the photograph of their product.

I was welcomed to the team by Paul and Adam who showed me how to do all the things I’d never done before, they were both friendly and professional throughout my placement, they allowed me to work independently on projects which taught me about creativity and how to work with other people to create satisfying images for customers. I got the opportunity to get involved with setting up shots. Adam and Paul both included me in things such as team meetings and let me help expand the sections of the workspace in the studio.

I got given a project with an open brief where I had to bring in a completely random item and then take a picture of it on both a white and black background without there being any shadows or reflections; which I found interesting, challenging and highly enjoyable.

Overall I really enjoyed my time at hdtwo and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start out in photography”. Olivia