We’re masters of manipulation,

from creative retouching to colour correcting.


Bluer, greener, whiter or warmer… whatever needs changing, from sky colour to skin tones, we can do it in-house. Our post-production experts do everything from small touch-ups and airbrushing to high-end retouching. If you need images you can use on any background, ask about our clipping path service – we digitally cut-out your product for you. We can even place them on your choice of background if required.


To ensure total perfection, as a matter of course we check everything in post-production and retouch as necessary. Your images will be free from any imperfections, white-balanced and colour correct.


Your images will be supplied at the correct resolution at the right dimensions for print and web, we can also add metadata and keywords to each individual file for web use and to help with search engine optimisation.

Colour and Fabric Changes

If you offer sofas and beds with a choice of different fabrics and colours, we have a solution that means you don’t have to go to all the effort and expense of photographing every single option. Using our specialist texture mapping software, we can digitally apply any fabric to any sofa or bed – for example we can shoot a piece that’s covered in hessian and provide an image of it covered in leather.


From just one master image we can produce multiple images to represent all your upholstery fabric and colour options. Colour changes aren’t limited to fabric, we can change the colour of almost anything and it will be accurate – our colour calibrated screens allow us to achieve the closest match possible to fabric swatches.

Creative Retouching

We have the ability and the imagination to bring something a little different to your images. Got a creative idea… maybe combining and merging multiple images, layering, adding effects or anything that can’t be achieved directly in the camera? Then speak to us, we’d love to help.