Sensio Bedroom Lighting Photography

Sensio Bedroom Lighting Photography

Sensio pride themselves on offering superior quality products for the kitchen lighting market and after extensive research they have designed an innovative range of bedroom lighting. So it was great to be commissioned for the Sensio bedroom lighting photography for their 2014 brochure shown above.


“Our aim is to illustrate the importance of bedroom lighting, transform your choice, and inspire you to think differently” Michael Linsky – Managing Director of Sensio


Working with Sensio’s Marketing team we created ideas for a bedroom room-set in the studio, giving ideas of style and choosing furniture, flooring and props to suit a range of ‘under the bed’ flexible LED strip lighting. Photographing lighting can be difficult and getting the correct balance between the light of Sensio’s products and balancing our flash studio equipment to give an ambience which inspires the consumer is key to the images success. We were extremely happy with the outcome of the room-set photography shoot and have created a ‘behind the scenes’ time-lapse of the shoot in our HDTWO studio. Watch the video here, hope you enjoy!

 Sensio have released new ‘LED battery and mains wardrobe lighting’ and we travelled to various showrooms and photographed the installed products in situ and created lifestyle photographs of the products for the internal pages of the catalogue.

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