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We’re sure our food photography speaks for itself, but there’s a lot of work and expertise behind those mouth-watering images. Exceptional food photography is only possible if you have the right ingredients on-site – we’re not just talking about the cooking ingredients, it’s about having the right facilities and right people with expert knowledge.   Our modern, fully functional kitchen and large prep area is within our main studio space, which is great for ease and speed when shooting food photography.

A second dedicated food photography studio sits on our newly installed mezzanine so we can accommodate all your needs. This means our food stylists and home economists are on hand exactly when the photographer needs them whilst still being able to prepare food for the next shot.



Great food photography isn’t simply about the food, it’s about presentation and styling –  choosing the right props, backgrounds, homewares and accessories is key to creating the shot. Our dedicated in-house prop store has a great range of pots, plates, cups, glasses, crockery, chopping boards, jars, ramekins, bowls and baskets. We also keep a stock of different backgrounds and worktops, from natural woods to high gloss finishes – so just about any look is possible from rustic farmhouse kitchen to gourmet restaurant.

Our photographers can create the look and feel through the lens and with lighting techniques but producing and arranging the mouth-watering food is best left to our experienced food stylists and home economists to ensure everything comes together perfectly – timing is crucial to capture the food at its best.   Our specialist food stylists and home economists have years of experience in food photography and liaise directly with clients and our photographers to deliver fabulous food photography time and time again.


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