Studio, location, post-production, set-build or styling.

We are fully equipped while having the skills and facilities to match your expectations

You’ll find our studio spacious, flexible and perfect for every sort of photography from white pack shots for e-commerce and mail order to food, furniture and factory equipment.

There’s HGV access too so dropping products off is easy and secure no matter how large. With onsite set building capability and a well-stocked props collection we can create full room-sets or small sets for cameo shots.

Oh and of course we’ve got a huge infinity curve with a unique high level access hatch for overhead photography… perfect for capturing a bird’s eye view of sofas, full suites and garden furniture sets.

We regularly shoot on location… from various venues in and around our local area of Huddersfield, Wakefield and Leeds to Manchester and beyond.

We’re happy to go wherever you need us in the UK, not just West Yorkshire. So, if it’s not possible to bring your products to us, just ask and we’ll bring our studio to you.

We have everything needed to reproduce full studio environments at your location and as we shoot directly onto laptop, you can see the results there and then.

Video production is now essential in todays media landscape, offering increased engagement and conversions. “Using video in marketing campaigns has shown to increase conversion rates by 34%. This is because videos are engaging, increase the time visitors spend on a page, and can also evoke a sense of trust in customers.”

Our post-production experts do everything from small touch-ups and airbrushing to high-end retouching. If you need images you can use on any background, ask about our clipping path service – we digitally cut-out your product for you.

We can even place them on your choice of background if required. To ensure total perfection, as a matter of course we check everything in post-production and retouch as necessary.

Your images will be free from any imperfections, white-balanced and colour correct.

Final images will be supplied at the correct resolution at the right dimensions for print and web, we can also add metadata and keywords to each individual file for web use and to help with search engine optimisation.


If you offer sofas and beds with a choice of different fabrics and colours, we have a solution that means you don’t have to go to all the effort and expense of making and photographing every single option.

From just one master image we can produce multiple images to represent all your upholstery fabric and colour options.

Colour changes aren’t limited to fabric, we can change the colour of almost anything and it will be accurate – our colour calibrated screens allow us to achieve the closest match possible to fabric swatches.

We have the ability and the imagination to bring something a little different to your images.

Got a creative idea… maybe combining and merging multiple images, layering, adding effects or anything that can’t be achieved directly in the camera?

Then speak to us, we’d love to help.



A professionally built room-set can completely change the look and feel of your product – giving it scale and mood. Our set-building team knows exactly how to enhance the features of your product to make it more desirable.

It doesn’t have to be a complete room-set to make the difference – of course large furniture photography does require a large set, but smaller items benefit from being shot in a setting too – it brings your product to life and adds to its appeal.

As with everything else we do at HDTWO we involve you at every step to ensure you get the images you want. We begin with simple floor plans and mood boards to create the right feel for your product and market. Working closely with room-set stylists or with yourself we achieve the perfect look and feel to present your product to the right audience in the right way.

To save you time and money we have a well-stocked in-house prop store and a selection of pre-built walls, windows and flooring – alternatively we can source or create bespoke items if needed.

Our team of set builders are highly experienced, but we also have close working relationships with specialist set builders and tradesman which we call upon if required.

We work closely with some of the best stylists in the industry to get the right look for your images.

We involve our Interior Stylists right from day one – creating mood boards for colours and themes and propping your shoot to achieve the exact look and feel for your product and audience.

Whatever look you’re after from classic style to contemporary chic, they know how to get it spot-on and just as importantly, within your budget.

Stylists are a key ingredient when it comes to food photography too. Our freelance Food Stylists and Home Economists are a vital asset to the team and ensure food looks mouth-wateringly magnificent.

Our Food Stylists know how and where to source the best ingredients and how to prepare and cook food specifically for photography – and of course they can do it all conveniently in our in-studio kitchen.

Hair & Make Up Artists are crucial when working with Models, every blemish in their skin will be put under the spotlight and every stray hair on their head will be visible.

A keen and critical eye is vital and our freelance Hair & Make-up Artists work right alongside our photographers to ensure everything is picture-perfect, using our in-house model changing room.