From flat-pack wardrobes to finely upholstered sofas and beds… – we’ve shot the lot.


New addition to the HDTWO team and portfolio is the growth in quality video content to enhance a product or showcase businesses.  

Need clean and simple images? Our huge infinity curve with easy drive-in access via a large roller shutter door makes everything hassle-free. From beds to sofas to coffee tables and dining sets we can photograph anything and shoot multiple angles… even from above using our brilliant curve access hatch. We can do close-ups for those thumbnails you’ll need for e-commerce and print catalogues.
When simplicity is what you need, that’s what you get, it doesn’t mean we cut corners on quality and attention to detail though – our passion for perfection ensures we create consistently excellent images time and time again. If clipping paths, colour corrections are needed it’s not a problem, we can do them in post-production.



Customers often need a little help to visualise how something could look in an interior space alongside other homewares and soft furnishings. We can do this in our own Huddersfield studio with a bespoke room-set with professional styling and prop selection to create stunning aspirational lifestyle imagery. Alternatively, we can source the perfect location – from the grandeur of a manor house to the urban chic of a warehouse apartment to a town house or even derelict mill for a creative industrial feel – we have excellent contacts at film and photography location companies that do all the work and make it happen.
Whether your product is bedroom furniture, living room furniture or dining room suites, we can add that wow factor that seals the deal.

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