Engineering the perfect image takes experience and expertise


Want to show off your manufacturing facilities? What better way than through a company video. The new addition to the HDTWO portfolio is the growth in quality video content.

Does your sales and publicity material do your precision engineered product justice… does it show how much attention to detail has gone into those machined parts? Does it show the ultra-polished finish and the almost microscopic machining marks or the delicate detail in the electronic circuits?

When you can’t actually get your product in front of potential customers then the next best thing is quality detailed high definition photography – it needs to be shot with the same attention to detail and precision that the engineer has applied in crafting it in the first place. Our cameras give you the highest definition and our photographers are experts in lighting who know how to achieve a shot that will emphasise the important features and fine finishes of any industrial product.



Engineering and manufacturing products can be large and heavy and if getting them to our studio is difficult we can bring our studio to you. We’ll pack up our studio cameras, laptops and backgrounds and bring our portable high quality lighting to you – we can create studio quality shots almost anywhere. Whether you have a workshop in Wakefield or an assembly line in Leeds you’ll find our wealth of experience working with many other British Manufacturing companies means we can work efficiently and safely.
We are fully insured and have had all the necessary Health & Safety training to work safely on-site. If you want images that show off your facilities as well as your products, then you’ll welcome our photographers’ meticulous attention to detail – from making sure your factory floor looks its best to making sure your staff are photo-ready and wearing all the correct PPE.

We know from years of experience that engineering and industrial professionals share our passion for perfection – working within minute tolerances when manufacturing parts. But, often images still require a little post-production work, we can retouch any small marks and scuffs to hit perfection, this is important if you are likely to enlarge a photo of your product for an exhibition stand or billboard. Sometimes it’s the background that needs a little work, or maybe it needs removing completely to leave a clean clutter free photograph. Or it could be the working environment that needs retouching to remove unsightly marks, after all factories and workshops are rarely spotless. Whatever it needs, we have the skills to do it.


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