Invisible mannequin photography that’s visibly superior.

Invisible mannequin photography, or ghost mannequin photography as it is often called is a sophisticated way of presenting garments, giving them 3D form, as if they are being worn, but with the effect of them floating in air. Our specialist and dedicated invisible mannequin studio is perfect for shooting all types of clothing. Our invisible mannequin photography technique is a particularly good way to shoot sports apparel and we have recently captured amazing images of football kits, triathlon and cycling clothing, wet suits and golf.



We take care of the whole process… we do all the preparation, the pinning, the steaming, the styling the shooting and all the postproduction.

Highest quality lighting and latest camera technology, the best software and our colour calibrated screens ensure the best images with accurate colour matching every time… even for high volume and fast turnaround jobs.

Our honed technique and purpose-built set-up means we achieve a quality of image you won’t see from others anywhere in the country. We are based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, so we are particularly handy for Manchester, Leeds and Wakefield but you can take advantage of our unmatched invisible mannequin photography service, wherever you are in the country, through postage or delivery.

With 360 photography a series of photos gives the impression of an object rotating so you can see all the way round your product. These photos can be displayed as an interactive animation on web pages and apps, allowing a user to control the rotation of an object or as a simple video/GIF. Be one step ahead and show your customers the full view.


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