It’s all about creating the right mood and appealing to aspirations


Bring life to your brand, the new addition to the HDTWO team and portfolio is the growth in quality video content to enhance a product or showcase businesses.  

People don’t dream of owning products, they dream of having a certain lifestyle… shooting your products in a setting, with other props or even people helps them to visualise themselves owning your product and enjoying that lifestyle. We can photograph your products with creative backdrops or in purpose built room-sets in our West Yorkshire studio. Or, we can shoot on location pretty much anywhere so long as the setting is suitable – we have specialists who can find the perfect place for you. From food and furniture to homewares and jewellery, we create aspirational lifestyle photographs that will make your product more desirable, improve your brand image and increase your sales – perfect for magazine advertising, websites, web banners, exhibitions and product brochures.



Featuring models in your photography brings warmth, personality and emotion and can add luxury and elegance. It helps capture the enjoyment of owning the product and places your product within a story… a lifestyle. Choosing the right models to represent your brand is vital, as is making sure they look their best, so our photographers can organise models, bring in fashion stylists and clothing as well as make-up artists to create the right look. They liaise with you all the way to ensure you get the images you want.

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