Studio Photography

Huge studio facilities with a focus on the tiniest details


At over 8,000 sq. ft. our Huddersfield studio must be one of the most flexible photography studios in West Yorkshire… if not the north of England. There’s plenty of space to have several room-sets on the go all at once with room remaining for still life sets and table top product photography. It’s not unusual for our expert photographers to be shooting fine details of jewellery at one side of the studio and fabulous street food or designer furniture at the other or, even the odd Land Rover or two on our infinity curve, don’t forget we have HGV drive-in access – perfect for delivering large products.

Our studio photographers, expert stylists and clients have everything they need, close at hand – from our well stocked prop store to our model’s changing room, in-house kitchen and even wi-fi equipped client area. You’ll also find the major transport links nearby too. So, whether you are based in Manchester, Leeds, Wakefield or pretty much anywhere else in the UK, we’re easy to get to.


Even in a controlled environment like our studio, with the best products to shoot (including expensive jewellery) there will always be something we can do to give your images the HDTWO difference. Every image we provide passes through the keen eyes of our postproduction experts to ensure they look fabulous. Using Adobe Photoshop, we remove even the tiniest of blemishes, so no matter what size you use it, it will be perfect. We will resize your image to suit your need, whether it’s for a printed brochure, a 48 sheet poster or simply a website.

If you have an idea for some creative retouching, we’re keen to help, just get in touch and we will happily discuss your needs.